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Neil's Yard at Mockbeggar Plantation

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Mockbeggar Road

Mockbeggar Plantation

Bonavista, NL A0C 1B0



Open: Monday to Sunday

           9.30am to 5.30pm



Our Menu




Carrot and ginger soup with French bread


Moroccan lentil soup with French bread




                      made with French bread and a filling of your choice

                       Cheddar Cheese;  Swiss Cheese;  Ham;

                       Peanut Butter and Banana


Grilled Sandwiches

  Ham and Cheese - Croque-Monsieur



Quiche Lorraine

                     with smoked ham and cheese and served with a fresh mixed 



CrÍpes Bretonnes


Our delicious savoury crÍpes are made with buckwheat and served with a fresh mixed salad


Traditionelle       Smoked Ham and Aged Canadian White Cheddar



Classť                Fresh Goat’s Cheese topped with Sundried Tomatoes,

                             Black and Green Olives on a bed of spinach                                                  

Thai                  Simply Exotic – an aromatic mix of lemongrass, coriander,

                           ginger and garlic in coconut sauce                                                                                           

Butterfly          A taste of India - made with a creamy butter sauce

                           - slightly spicy and wonderfully aromatic

Miel et Noix      Fresh Goat’s Cheese topped with chopped Walnuts and

                           a fine drizzle of honey

Persil de Mer   Fresh Goat’s Cheese with Cranberries and Walnuts 

                          on a bed of Lovage - available when is season

Maritime          Smoked salmon, fresh lemon juice, green onion  served 

                           on a bed of cream cheese



We also have a gluten and lactose free crÍpe option – please be sure to let us know if you have any food allergies



CrÍpes Bretonnes - Desserts


Our delicious fresh sweet crÍpes are made with buckwheat garnished with a chocolate sauce and almonds


Bonavista          Rhubarb, Strawberries and Vanilla Ice Cream



Orange Moon   Delicious Bitter Orange Marmalade and Rich

                           Dark Chocolate                                                                                                

Wild Berry         Local Wild Berry Jams – Partridgeberry, Blueberry

                            Marshberry – on a bed of Soft Cream Cheese                             

Dark ‘n’ Rich     Rich Dark Fruits with Vanilla Ice Cream – topped

                            with Toasted Almonds                                                                                                        
Canneberge Choco   Cranberries steeped in rhubarb syrup with melted                                         chocolate and a swirl of Vanilla Ice cream




Cheese Cake   Our own secret recipe - seriously delicious


Strawberry/RhubarbCrumble with a scoop of ice cream           



You can add a scoop of our delicious vanilla ice cream to any dessert













White Tea

White Tea; White Tea with Jasmine


Green Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea with mint


Black Tea

Olde Days Tea; Darjeeling; Earl Grey

Chai; Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea                                       


Herbal Teas ( Infusions )

Lemon and Ginger; Lemon Verbena; Lemongrass

Peppermint; Super Berry

Rooibos; Rooibos and Caramel; Spiced Winter Rooibos       




Orange Juice



Hot Chocolate                                                                   

Bottled Water                                                                   

Iced Tea



Neils Yard cafe_2


Our beautiful cafť


Carrot and Ginger Soup


Carrot and Ginger Soup


CrÍpe Maritime


Our CrÍpe Maritime - with smoked salmon and cream cheese served with a fresh side salad


CrÍpe Bonavista


Our CrÍpe Bonavista- with rhubarb, strawberries and vanilla ice cream


NY Cheesecake




NY Rhubarb Crumble


Rhubarb Crumble


NY Cappuccino


Awesome Cappuccino!!